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Flora and fauna

Numerous south European animal and plant species reach their most northern spread in the dry-hot climate of our steep slopes. Besides succulent plants such as the sempervivum tectorum (see above), the golden Michaelmas daisy, the dictamus albus, which is also known as Burning bush, the Yellow Star of Bethlehem, the box tree, the acer monspessulanum, the St. Lucy's -Cherry and the white Stonecrop are part of the south European flora that can be found in our steep slopes. South European animal species such as the Mountain Apollo, the Ephippigeridae (a special kind of locust), the Oedipoda germanica (also a special kind of locust), the rare Lacerta bilineata (an emerald lizard) as well as numerous wall lizards are also part of the local fauna. They find their preferred habitat especially in the dry walls. The non-poisonous smooth snakes live in wet, moss-covered places.