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Uhlen - Blaufüßer Lay

The noble lord slowly strolls
through his cool chambers,
Crystals vibrate in a fresh breeze

»There is a mineralic, herbal smell, there are hardly any fruity aromas, a touch of pumice stone and iodine. On the palate, there is a significant but well integrated acid, an almost salty minerality. Long finish. « M.SCHEUERMANN

»A very tight mineralic smell of very mature peaches, apricots and partly candied citrus fruits with a lot of cool minerality and herbal aromas. In the mouth as well, the wine is cool and there is a taste of stones and minerality. On the palate, there is an elegant and vivid acid, a very clear taste of peaches and a clear herbal aroma. It has strength and depth, very lasting, a long, tight finish. .« WEIN-PLUS